Siena Cathedral

The Cathedral of Siena is one of Italy's most beautiful churches. Richard Wagner visited the Cathedral in 1880 and its sight brought tears to his eyes because of its beauty. The Cathedral was begun in 1229 and completed towards the end of the 14th century. The lower part of the facade was designed by Giovanni Pisano in the Romanesque style, while the upper part of the facade was designed by Giovanni di Cecco in the Gothic style. The facade is built with white marble, pink Siena stone, and dark green Prato stone. The inside of the Cathedral has green and white marble columns in a striped pattern, which is a Byzantine design. The pavement is unique because it has inlaid marble work and has 49 figures, many of saints. Giorgio Vasari said that it was the most beautiful floor ever made. The octagonal pulpit was created by Nicola Pisano and has many sculptures. The vault is decorated with golden stars on a blue background.