Siena is probably most famous for its horse race, the Palio. On two days about six weeks apart during the summer, jockeys from the seventeen contrade of the city come together to compete in a dangerous horse race through the city streets. Neighborhood rivalry and community pride grow even stronger around this time of year, and while tourists may go to Siena specifically for this event, locals are probably less welcoming at this time of year than any other due to the intense inter- contrade competition.

If horse-racing does not seem appealing, Siena also has long traditions of basketball- and soccer-playing, so a local match is never hard to find. The pedestrian-only town center and various public parks also make for enjoyable walks around Siena. One sight not to be missed is the Bottini, an underground system used in medieval times for water transport.

The fact that the city is built on hilly terrain offers an excellent challenge to cyclists. While bikes are banned in the historic center of Siena, they can be rented by the hour, day or week for excursions outside the city. There are some stores that organize bike tours as well. However, if bicycling around the Tuscan countryside sounds like too much work, scooter rentals are also available.