Walk and eat in Umbria while reading Walking and Eating in Umbria, by James Lasden and Pia Davis. In effect, it's the perfect way to experience the mouth-watering cuisine of Italy's Umbrian region while walking off the pounds induced between meals. Walking directions and maps will keep you on track and guide you to wheeled transportation should you prefer it over the pedestrian route.

Surely, you're curious about Umbria's most famous resident, St. Francis. If you plan to visit Assisi, you may want to familiarize yourself with this intriguing man. Though venerated as an idol by members of his worldwide faith community, he was, after all, simply a man who sought to live his life in devotion to his Savior. Written in the form of a personal memoir,  Salvation, Scenes from the Life of St. Francis, is by Valerie Martin, who treats her subject with class. 

The Umbria: Italy's Timeless Heart, by Paul Hoffman, takes you on a timeless journey through the backcountry of Italy's only landlocked province where, in some places, time seems to have stood still. Eye Witness Guide: Umbria, complied for the Eye Witness Guides series, is a well put-together traveler's guide covering Umbria's history, attractions, food and accomodations.   

When you settle down after a long day of feasting your eyes and/or your stomach on Umbria's richness, you may want to settle in with a fictitious account of life in the area. Novelist Barry Unsworth won the Booker Prize for his story of modern-day invaders into the reaches of Umbrian country. After Hannibal incorporates Umbria's history and  natural beauty, creating a memorable reading experience.