You would like to see the most quiet and beautiful corner of the city? Hardly known to other tourists? Go down to the the St. Alban valley on the banks of "Father Rhine", as they call river. 

Take tram no. 3 to St. Alban Tor. A sightseeing point itself. Stroll down the hill behind the building into St. Alban valley. 

Visit the 600 year old paper mill, now a museum. Watch the still intact city wall. ( a tip: if you walk upstream a few meters and take the photo of the city wall while you are looking towards the city,it'll be the same sight of the citywall and old houses as  already 450 years ago). Enjoy the nature ( ducks and swans) on the banks of the river. Have a picknick with a can of beer, cider or a bottle of wine  and a " Aussteller", a wonderful sausage that  has to be eaten cold with mustard and a piece of bread. The locals do exactly that. Now you know what Swiss are using the army knives for. There is no need to enter a Restaurant. Life can be so easygoing, especially in summer. You can buy your drinks in shops and have it wherever you like. This is absolutely allowed and common in this country. 

By the way, the Youth Hostel is exactly in this area.

Take the ferry boat ( Swiss franc 1.60 for adults, children half fare) and cross the Rhine without motor. The best medicine for your nerves, as you just hear and feel the water underneath the boat, nothing else. 

A warm, nice summer afternoon at this place is something you won't forget.