Switzerland’s capital, Bern is a wondrous city of music, libraries, and museums.

And leading the last category in architectural attractiveness would be the Historical Museum of Bern , a castle of artistic collections dating from ancient Greece through to medieval diptychs and Venetian crafts.

In this artistic vein of musea, the Collection of the Bern Museum of Fine Arts contains nearly a millennium’s worth of sculpture and painting, not to mention tens of thousands of sketches, photographs, and documentary art.  Masters housed here range from the Renaissance artists of Cuno and Amiet to the distinguished moderns of Kandinsky, Picasso, and Pollock.

The Einstein House
, dedicated to the most famous scientist ever, presents a renovated version of his former second floor flat, sporting some of the genius’s writings and scientific meanderings for public display.

Other attractions worth checking out are listed here .