The official site for Bern is wonderful.  The English translations can be hilariously inept here, but at least the content is always understandable.  Comprehensive and colorful, the simple interface of the homepage ultimately uncovers sidebars and lists of links and descriptions practical for both residents and tourists.

And the official tourist site is even better .  All in good English, the tourist office’s web presence provides viewers with tons of details and description so as to preclude the necessity of in-person visits to information centers while in Bern.  Phone numbers for every major attraction, for cab companies and car rentals, for shops and dining can all be found here.  Explore the left-hand side-bar meticulously, jotting down all the advice on where to go and what to do so as to know what you are getting into before boarding your flight.  The general information section is particularly useful, furnishing photos to attend the descriptions of most establishments as well as a choice between a run down of the capital’s top annual events versus a comprehensive calendar for those who already know when they are visiting.

A final site worth checking out would be CityHunter’s guide to Bern , replete with a third side-bar linking to everything specific to the city: its business, leisure, and culture.