Located in the heart of Europe, Bern is incredibly easy to get to.

The Bern-Belp International Airport
, located just outside the city, hosts flights in and out of other major European metro areas daily.  Located only a twenty minute ride from the city’s downtown, travel to and from the airport is made easy thanks to the numerous shuttle, rental car (Avis), and taxi services that offer to bring arrivees into the city proper.

Should your flight arrive in Zurich, there are trains moving passengers to and from the capital in just over an hour.

Bern also connects to the rest of Europe via multiple rail lines, including the TGV, ICE, and Cisalpino, or, alternately, if you are driving into the capital from another city on the continent, hitting highway E4 will be the most common route into the region from the north and the Lotschberg and St. Bernard tunnels will represent the roadways of choice from the south.