Watch out for pickpockets in Geneva. While traveling to Geneva keep an eye on your bags in the train.  If you can't see your baggage from your seat consider a bike lock to lock all of your bags together.  When arriving at train station, be careful and be on guard for pickpocket's.Put your wallets in a very safe place while around the train station.

They are very sly and often work in pairs or groups. Watch out for anyone trying to ask a question and generally distracting you by any means. They will spill something, bump into you, basically anything to distract your attention. You will not even realize what has happened until you go to look for your wallet. They may look very well dressed, old,young etc. Watch out on escalators and best to stand sideways to watch who is in front and behind you.

Best to keep a few small bills out and put the rest away.  Men's wallets in back or FRONT pockets are not safe.  These people are pro's.  Make sure if you must use a cash machine where you type in your pin you MUST cover the keypad with your hands every time.  Crimes like these in the past two years in Geneva have skyrocketed. Look at everyone with suspicion and be careful in crowds.

Read up and google about how pickpockets work before you leave to visit. You will have the best idea as to how clever they are when you do your homework.  Good Luck.