Where to go with kids in Geneva, Switzerland?

Geneva offers a number of kid friendly places to visit; where mum and dad can also enjoy themselves.

On a sunny day go to the Jardin Botanique http://www.ville-ge.ch/cjb/. Kids will love the birds, deer, turtles, goats and on wednesdays and weekends, the carousel with animals from aesop's fables. grown ups enjoy the view over the lake and if its spring, the gorgeous magnolia blossoms and in into summer, the rhododendron in bloom. other attraction-the interactive gardens, hothouses, etc.

On a rainy day-theres nothing to beat the   Museum of Natural History. http://www.ville-ge.ch/mhng/. Very creatively curated exhibits-will keep young and old informed and entertained for atleast half a day.

Get onto the yellow public transport boats and cross from shore to shore until they get tired.........

Or in summer, go the the Place de Nations to play in the water fountains. Dont forget the bathing suits.