Yes, Interlaken is primarily a mountainous resort town specializing in outdoor activities, but the culture and lifestyle goes well beyond its natural environment and into the man-made indoors of quaint shops, interesting museums, and services unique to the town.

Interlaken’s Mystery Park is the most popular museum between the two lakes, dedicated to providing information on the wonders of the world.  Set up as a sort of Swiss Disney Universe, its seven theme worlds—revolving around Mystery City—connect to each other and the Park hub via state-of-the-art glass corridors.  Consider checking out this peculiar attraction during your visit.  

The open air Ballenberg Museum is a gorgeous time capsule of historical Switzerland, boasting gardens, fields, farm animals, and anything that would have characterized mid-Europe in more traditional, less-electric times.  About a hundred century-plus old homes dot these grounds of nostalgia; workshops exhibit how artisan work was done back in the pre-industrial day.  Check here for more information.

In addition to these attractions, there are many fascinating woodcut and art shops and ice sculpting and pottery stores to patronize while in Interlaken.  

After exploring the outdoors , see what else exists outside your hotel room—you’ll be pleasantly surprised.