Located high in the Swiss Alps the winters are long, with heavy snow and pretty chilly weather. If you’re heading to Mürren from late October to early April you’ll be glad you brought a winter coat… but a light jacket might work at times too. The sun is intense and in some spots it can feel much warmer, so a light jacket for relaxing around the resort should be fine. Daytime temperatures can be in the 30s at times, with highs reaching into the 40s during some warm spells, while the evenings can be downright chilly with temperatures falling well below freezing.

Spring, and the fall too, are short. The weather in the spring can be dry in terms of rainfall, but as all that snow melts you can expect a lot of wet scenery and a town that is essentially very damp. The mountain winds help dry things up and that winter snow will helps turn the surrounding countryside into a lush green.

The summers are also on the short side, and are generally very mild. Look for temperatures in the high 70s during the day, with very intense sun. But as the sun goes down the temperatures will fall into the 50s quite quickly, sometimes as low as the 30s even in July! The autumn brings rain to the region, and temperatures start to fall quickly before the return of the winter snows.