Wengen is an amazingly safe community, so much so that travelers from large cities across the world are often shocked about the safety of the area.  Take an area which has less than fifteen hundred people residing in it, and add to it an insistence by the community that the area remain car-free, and what you have is a community which is close-knit.  The people in Wengen watch out for each other and wouldn’t think of harming one another, so crime simply isn’t a problem in this area.

Still, there are travel concerns anywhere for visitors who are not from the area.  In the case of Wengen, the concern is related not to the people of the area but to natural disaster.  In 1999, there were huge avalanches in Wengen which killed two people in the area. In 2003, avalanche problems returned, and though no one was killed, this was cause for concern for many travelers.

For the most part, the harsh weather occurs during the winter season and the biggest safety concerns are those associated with skiing in the area.  Wengen’s ski resorts are among the best in the world but standard common sense precautions should be taken when enjoying risky sports.  Learn more about ski safety before a Wengen trip by visiting http://www.skisafety.com/.