Since Zermatt is a tourist car-free city. Even the locals must park their petrol or diesel driven cars outside Zermatt. Therefore, tourists must rely on a few other forms of transportation to get around the town.

Walking: Many tourists choose to walk where they want to go in Zermatt. The town is filled with lots of things to see, lots of places to shop, and many hotels and condominumiums, but most of it can easily be accessed by foot. There are only three main streets that run through town and these streets lead just about everywhere. You don’t have to worry about being hit by a fast car and many walk in the middle of the street wthout fear. However you do have to beware of the many electrical taxis, vans and a few buses. They are practically silent. So you may be taken by surprise when a car approaches you from behind. A few have a little sheep bell as a warning to pedestrians. 

Cable Cars: A popular mode of public transportation in Zermatt is are the cable cars. Tourists often ride the cable cars to get a great view of the area. And in winter - to get up to the ski areas. 

Biking: Bike can be rented and used to get around town. Bike are also often rented and taken to the top of the mountains (via ski lifts during the summer) and ridden down. While mountain biking is not as popular in Zermatt as it is in many other countries incuding the United States, it is catching on as a fun and challenging form of entertainment and exercise.