One can use books like Montreux by Francis Henry Gibble for practical tourist advice and some context and history, though the better books for these purposes would be found in guides that encompass the entire Switzerland region in its pages.

Writings on Montreux’s musical heritage, however, can fill shelves.  If you plan on checking out the Freddie Mercury Memorial or the Jazz Festival during your stay, it may be of particular interest for you to peruse Led Zeppelin: The Montreux Concerts by Gilles Chateau and Sarn Rapallo.  Although ostensibly about Zeppelin, its content regards the genesis of Montreux as a pop music destination for groups like Queen and musicians like Stevie Ray Vaughn.  The Montreux Concerts is a must read for anyone who wants a musical-historical context to their sightseeing to thereby better understand what they are seeing.

Given Montreux’s additional status as medical center, one can find a plethora of books regarding the history of its numerous clinics and the research and scientific advancements that have taken place, and are currently taking place, within them.

Finally, short reads such as Frommer’s ever-practical “Overview” and the Guardian Unlimited’s take on the area can be found here .