Get maps,the glossy brochures and up-to-date calendar of events from the local tourist office. 

Upon arriving in Montreux, there is a tourist information counter at the Montreux train station counter, at Avenue des Alpes, located on the level below the rail lines before exiting down the escalators.  You will find many brochures, a small food counter, and a counter to buy local train tickets. 

If you would like to visit the main tourist office, follow the escalators South down to the Avenue des Alpes, cross the street and follow the stairs to the main street Grand Rue.  Walk along the Montreux Quai walkway, which is the lakefront promendade along lake Léman until you encounter the Place. du Débarcadère 1 located near the boat pier.

There will be a large sign saying "Tourist Information", usually also in Blue with an "I", next to a small waterfall display to your left.  Walk into this fairly large building to get maps, brochures and ask questions about the Montreux area.   If you wish to use the Montreux website then go to