Montreux isn’t a huge city, so it is pretty easy to get around on foot. There are some hills, especially as you head away from the lake shore towards the vieille ville. The train station on Avenue des Alpes is within walking distance of most sights that you will want to visit.

Most visitors to Montreux will not have to do anything beyond take the number 1 bus that runs up and down Montreux’s main street and takes you to the Montreux’s sister town of Vevey (the area is often referred to as Montreux-Vevey due to the proximity of the two). One thing to note is that the streets in Montreux are rarely straight, and street names may change at every bend in the road.  For example, Grand Rue turns into Avenue du Casino at Rue du Quai/Rue de la Paix and Avenue des Alpes will turn into Avenue Nestle


From Montreux train station leaves the mountain train to go to gruyeres and interlaken, passing by some amazing sky station like gtaad. In summer or in winter, this trip is really beautiful, with the train you have a panoramic view of the mountains, the nature, rivers andin winter, the glaciars. It is a really good idea to admire the landscape around the city