1. Street Parade - www.streetparade.com : It is the second biggest rave event in the world after the Love Parade in Berlin (1st or 2nd week-end of August)
  2. Caliente festival ( www.caliente.ch): probably the biggest salsa and latin music in Europe. Usually in June each year
  3. Theaterspektakel www.theaterspektakel.ch : for the fans of alternative theatre. Each year from middle of August to beginning of September
  4. Knabenschiessen or "shooting boys": traditional festival (middle of September)
  5. Sechseläuten: traditional festival (generally in April)
  6. The Festival of English Speaking Theatre (FEST) brings together Theatre groups from Zurich, Lausanne, Bern, Basel, Geneva and Zug who offer a range of comedy, drama and musicals. In 2008 from June 5th-7th, the action is taking place 40 minutes from Zurich at the Lorzensaal in the picturesque town of Cham, near Zug. Tickets are available from Ticketcorner.
  7. Wadenswil Chilbi (3 days during mid to late august Sat/Sun/Mon) largest 'Chilbi' (fair/funfair) on Lake Zurich