Andre Rieu Concerts

Every year, usually in July, Andre Rieu holds a series of concerts in his home town, the beautiful city of Maastricht. This guide is by no means comprehensive but will give those who wish to attend one a reasonable starting point.

Dates and Tickets:

The number of concerts and their dates vary every year although they are usually run for about a week in early to mid July. At the time of writing (Jan 2013), there seems to be no pattern to when dates are announced and tickets go on sale. For the 2012 concerts they went on sale in February that year, for 2013 the sales opened up in November 2012. The simple answer therefore to the question "When do tickets go on sale?" is "We don't know. Keep checking the Andre Rieu site yourself".

The concerts are hosted on the city's main square, The Vrijthof. Many of those who come to these concerts seem to be inspired to do so having seen them on television. There they often see images of people sitting at restaurant tables whilst enjoying the concert. There often appears to be some confusion as to how to book these seats. Of course things can change but, from experience, this is some info about the square and seating.

    - On concert nights you cannot simply walk into a restaurant on the square and sit at a restaurant table. Access to the whole square is by ticket only.
    - If you book a restaurant package that will include a ticket for entrance to the square but NOT a seat in the main auditorium.
    - Those dining can generally hear the concert live but not see it. There are screens carrying the concert in all the restaurants.
    - You can book separate tickets for entrance to the main square which include a seat in the main auditorium.
    - You cannot book entrance to the square only. It has to come with either a prepaid dining reservation or a seat in the auditorium.
    - Restaurant bookings should be made directly with the restaurant. Auditorium seats can be booked either through the Andre Rieu site or one of many booking agencies.
    - Seats for the weekend nights and all restaurant bookings sell out quickly. Make sure you get in early if you want one of these.

To summarise the above. You either dine and watch the concert on a screen or you sit in the auditorium and watch the concert but do not dine. There are reports where someone had both a dining reservation and a seat in the auditorium. They of course paid twice for this.

Maastricht Carnival

Held in February. People dress up, paint their faces and create floats for the parades. Each year since 1946, there has been a competition to choose the official Carnival song.

Fashion Clash

Fashion Clash is a 3- day event in June where designers bring their latest and greatest creations to the catwalk. You can explore all aspects of fashion here: photography, fabrics, product design, video and illustration. In only three years, Fashion Clash as become a significant event for Maastricht. Admission is free.