A very good website to get started is UtrechtYourWay . You can find lots of information here on activities or attractions in the city or book your hotel.  

Utrecht is one of the oldest cities in The Netherlands, it is over 2,000 years old. In Roman times there was a roman camp called Castellum Trajectum, on the border of what was then the Roman Empire. In present time you can experience 'a Utrecht tale of light', 365 days a year after sundown. 'Trajectum Lumen' is a night-time exploration following artistically lit locations throughout Utrecht's historical city centre.

The most famous building in Utrecht is the Dom tower, at over 300 ft. or 100m. high. This tower, part of the medieval Dom church, dominates the Utrecht skyline. No builidings are constructed that exceed the Dom in Utrecht.

The Dom tower is now a solitaire building, but it used to be part of the Dom Cathedral. The middle-part of this Cathedral was destroyed by a massive storm several hundred years ago.This created a open space. now called the Domplein. Surrounding this space are a few bars and restaurants. The Dom tower can be visited daily.

Other cities in The Netherlands, mostly Amsterdam, are famous for the canals. Actually, the canals in Utrecht are the best in Holland and can almost be compared to Venice, Italy.

Best part of the canals in Utrecht, compared to Amsterdam and other Dutch cities, is the possibility to sit alongside the water and have diner or a drink . The canals were originally build for transport purposes, and the wharfs made it possible to ship goods througout the town and storing them in the cellars under the canal houses. Nowadays the cellars are used as restaurants, clubs, bars, fitness studios, shops etc. and you can use the wharfs for recreational puposes.

Utrecht is a great city because of it's scale. With 300.000 people living here and a lot of visitors it is large enough to have all the perks of a big city, but not so big that you will feel lost in it.

Utrecht has the largest University in Holland, several major medical facilities, theatres, cinemas, and a beautifull city centre that can be easily covered by walking. Shops, especially the smaller ones, are everywhere. There is also the shopping mall Hoog Catharijne, connected to Utrecht Central Station, the railway hub of the Netherlands and a easy connection to the rest of Europe.

 Spend a few days in Utrecht and you will get a good idea of Holland.