As in every town in the Netherlands, Saturday is the day the Dutch go grocery shopping. You don't see any hypermarkets, or indeed large supermarkets anywhere here, instead every city has it's grocery markets twice per week, Wednesdays and Saturdays in Leiden. Looking at a map many names reveal that there has been a market in Leiden for many centuries - Kippenbrug (chicken bridge), Botermark (butter market) etc. Today the market is situated along the main canal in the old city centre, with not a modern building in sight which makes it one of the prettiest in the Netherlands (along with Delft). The market has maintained it's old-world charm and is big enough to entertain you for half a day. You can buy anything from vacuum cleaner bags and flowers to wild boar pate and cheese. For an authentic Dutch treat, try the ultimate fastfood "haring", raw herring served with chopped raw onion, it is very good and if you don't like it, good entertainment to watch the Dutch eat it. If you prefer something less exotic, you can have a "Lekkerbekje" (pieces of fried fish). It is best to make your way here as early as possible, especially if you want to buy anything fresh, also, it tends to get very crowded since the streets lining the canals are narrow, the crowding starts getting to you after running into the 10th person insisting on bringing a bike! When you feel you've had enough, have a home-made ice cream or sit down on the terrace of one of the many bars/cafes along the canal, enjoy a coffee or beer and just enjoy the view. Once you've had enough of the market, there are numerous other sites to see within a stone's throw. At one end of the market you find the old weigh house for instance.