Brussels and Beyond

Brussels serves as the seat of power of Belgium. This city is the home to numerous European institutions and also serves unofficially as the headquarters for the European Union. Like many big cities, Brussels has become a melting pot due to its location. The city has a very efficient public transport system so getting a car is not a need, especially for those who wish to go to the historic old towns. Nevertheless, getting a car is ideal for those who seek to travel from Brussels to other incredible locations around Belgium. Taking a day trip or two on one of these locations can be a nice way to maximize the trip while in Belgium.

One of the most popular cities in Belgium, Antwerp is the art, fashion and cultural center of the nation having been the home for the iconic Antwerp Six comprising of acclaimed fashion designers like Dries Van Noten et. al. The travel from Brussels to Antwerp takes less than an hour by traveling the E19 route. Antwerp is also known for their accessories as well as diamond cutting. From shoes, unique furniture and art galleries, there are so many options to consider going to Antwerp and spending the whole day lost in this area.

Bruges is another great place to consider for a day trip. The city is very popular for its medieval center as well as the canals. Nowadays, the city is filled with tourists all year round so it is quite important to do some research and know the ways in and out to maximize the experience in this city. An early trip from Brussels to Bruges could be a promising solution to beat other tourists and take nice pictures of the city, the old structures and enjoy the unique vibe present here.

Take the E40 to reach Ghent from Brussels, another very beautiful city to explore outside the capital. Ghent has some sites similar to the architecture of Bruges but the good thing is that it is not as peppered with tourists as the latter. There are tons of beautiful buildings from Romanesque, Neo-Classical, Renaissance and other periods. Car travel in Belgium especially with a driver is not a cheap option, but a good option nonetheless for those who have the budget.