Biking is one of your best choices to get around Antwerp. It is the most popular means of transportation among locals and you will see people of all ages and conditions, single in groups, complete families riding bikes. The city provides the facilities to make bicycling safe and fun and being nice and flat, you won't get too tired either. There are enough places to park (don‘t forget to lock them, bikes are precious items and they are frequently stolen). You can rent them or buy a used bike for 80 Euros at second-hand stores or at the police station’s sale events. You do not need special gear to ride them and you can wear the clothes of your choice. Even the Tourist Board has recently included a new type of guided tour that is on bicycles. You cannot only ride in the city but visit the nearby towns and the country. Like many large cities, Antwerp now has a city-wide cycle hire system called 'A' Velo who have a multilingual website at However, many travellers have reported problems with the reliability of Velo and complaints of overcharging by Velo are common. There's a mobile app to find docking stations and a day can cost you just 3€ (although the hidden penalty charges may result in a dramatic increase on this seemingly low cost). There are even tunnels under the river built especially for cyclists.

You can always walk, Antwerp is a pedestrian friendly city and everything is very near and one neighborhood takes you directly to the following. The huge number of cafes, museums, art galleries, stores makes walking the perfect and most sensible means of  experiencing the heart of this historical city.

Public transportation comprises buses and trams. A ticket bought on the tram or bus costs 2 euro and is valid for one hour. A pre-paid ticket, bought from a ticket machine, costs 1.20 euro. Tickets can also be bought by means of your mobile phone. There are other ticket options like Lijnkaart, daypass, 3-day pass, etc.