Public transportation in Antwerp includes buses and trams. It is the best way to get downtown as traffic is slow and the historical central district is closed to cars. If you are driving one, your best deal is to park it and use the bus or the tram.

The public transportation system is very well organized and extensive, its network covers all the city. The bus and the trams are very easy to use as they are efficiently connected, not only making commuting an enjoyable experience. For example, for 1.20 Euros you can travel, either on bus or tram, all over the city for an hour. But that is not the only good deal you can get on trams and buses, the system offers tickets almost tailored to your personal plans.

If you are planning to visit many sites on one day, buy a daily pass for 5 Euros that you can use all day on buses and trams. There is also a 10 journey-pass that costs 8 Euros. (a monthly pass costs 32 Euros if you are 25 or more, 19.30 Euros if you are under that age). Also get free for upto 4 children with a parent.

If you are traveling with at least 5 more persons, you can buy a ticket of 0.60 Euros. If you are planning to take a taxi when going back to your hotel, buy a “Tov” ticket for 1.50 Euros. Why? The taxi driver will give you 2 Euros back per passenger in the vehicle.

You can purchase the tickets and passes from the driver on board the tram or bus. But it is up to 20% cheaper to buy them from roadside or station (on the pre-metro) ticket machines.