If you are into antiques, you are in the right city. Antwerp houses three huge antiques markets as well as more than 200 antiques and art dealers distributed in several districts of the city.

The markets are: Lijnwaadmarkt, located near the Cathedral of Our Lady, it opens on Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm from March through October. Sint-Jansvliet is another antiques market; it opens only on Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm. Across the Plantin-Moretus Museum, Vrijdagmarkt / Fridaymarket offers old household furniture; it opens on Fridays from 9 am to 1 pm.

Antique and art dealers offer in their stores items as diverse as toys, chandeliers, furniture, pottery, glass, bronzes and crystal. They don’t open every day and they have limited hours of operation. The best is to call and make an appointment. Check out the website for a complete list of dealers and their contact information.

Two popular and famous antique districts are Leopoldstraat & Mechelsesteenweg district that houses 40 dealers, and St. Andries District also called Kloosterstraat. Here, visitors should be alert as many reproductions are sold as if they were original items.

As dealers are spread over town, check out this other website if you are searching a specific item.



Also if you are into chocolates, you are in the right city. Every tourist looking for chocolates knows Neuhaus, Marcolini and Godiva. Those originate from Brussels but have branches in Antwerp. Antwerp has its own first class chocolatiers producing and selling some Antwerp specialties like Antwerp hands or Diamond stars that are for sale in most of the Antwerp chocolate shops. Antwerp hands are hand shaped chocolates filled with marzipan and Elixir d'Anvers liquor. Diamond stars are chocolates in the shape of cut diamonds with various fillings: white chocolate filled with strawberry paste or with truffle-champagne cream, milk chocolate filled with hazelnutcream or dark chocolate filled with whipped cream ... and probably a lot more varieties.

Both the Antwerp hands and the Diamond stars are creations of Chocolaterie Goossens. His shop at Isabellalei celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2007. You will find here more than 70 different home-made chocolates.

Chocolatier Burie is a true artist with chocolate. His shop window at Korte Gasthuisstraat has become a tourist attraction because of the display of artistic sculptures. Especially around the holidays (Christmas, New Year, Easter, ...) his shop is a real attraction pole in the city.

Elisa on Grote Markt is probably the smallest chocolate shop in the city. Nevertheless more than 40 different chocolates are produced in their workshop. The size of a shop does not reflects its quality!  

You do not want to miss the creations of chocolatier G. Bastin. He started to produce chocolates right after WW2. His workshop and shop are located on Paardenmarkt with a branch on Blauwmoezelstraat.

Our chocolate tour ends at Del Rey on Appelmansstraat. This company has recently received the award "Springbok 2007" for the most creative growing company of the year. The growth of Del Rey is mainly due to the success they have in Japan, where the company has 4 branches. The newest creation of Del Rey is the "Antwerp Fashion Collection", chocolate inspired on Antwerp fashion.