The castle of Laarne is one of the best preserved moated castles in Belgium. It was built in the 12th and 13th century as a feudal castle with a square keep, back round towers, curtain walls and a moat. The defensive system with a drawbridge and gates disappeared in the 17th century, after which the castle was converted into a pleasure palace. The curtain walls between the towers were transformed into residential wings, the castle became a service building and the entrance was shifted to the northeast. Visiting the castle and it's unique silver collection is possible in may, june and september, every sunday at 3pm. In july and august, there's also a tour on thursday at 3pm. The castle is located in the Eekhoekstraat 5 in Laarne, east of Ghent. A beautiful summerday is ideal for exploring the region and its castles, while cycling the 48 km Castles Tour between Ghent and Laarne: Official site: (Dutch)