A good deal when visiting the museums in Ghent is the Museum card. For 20 Euros, travelers can visit all the participating museums during a three-day period. The participating museums and monuments are the following:

The Belfry
The world of Kina: the House
The world of Kina: the Garden
Design museum Gent
Castle of the Counts
The House of Alijn
St Peter's Abbey
Dr. Guislain Museum
Museum for the History of Sciences
Museum of Industrial Archaeology and Textiles (MIAT)
Museum of Fine Arts
Carmelite Friary – Provincial Centre of Art and Culture
St Bavo's Cathedral + The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb
Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art (S.M.A.K.)
STAM - City museum Ghent 

S.M.A.K for instance, the Museum of Contemporary Art, is a participating museum and it is a unavoidable visit. It houses an incredible collection of contemporary art spanning the most important art movements of the twentieth century including Conceptual Art, Pop Art and Cobra. The traveler will find works by Joseph Beuys, David Hammons and Belgian avant garde artists such as Marcel Broodthaers and Thierry De Cordier. For information about temporary exhibitions, check the museum's website at http://www.smak.be.

The Museum of Industrial Archeology and Textile is another participating museum that will take the traveler into a journey along the technological and industrial changes of the Western world in the last two centuries. The collection is organized in levels beginning in 1750 with the first years of the Industrial Revolution to 1900, another level that explores the span of influence of technology in everyday life along the twentieth century and a third level that shows the elasticity of the textile fibre in all its forms. For details, check out the museum's website at http://www.miat.gent.be.

Every year, during the Ghent Museum Night you can visit museums for free.