Travelers can find any information on events in the following cultural calendars:

  • events@brugge / cultural calendar by the Bruges tourist board (Toerisme Brugge) / NL - FR - DE - EN
  • musea brugge / information on the public musea of the city of Bruges / NL - FR - DE - EN 
  • Concertgebouw Brugge vzw / Sixty-eight thousand terracotta tiles envelop Bruges' Concertgebouw in a glorious warm red glow. The intimate Kamermuziekzaal (320 seats) and the marvellous Concertzaal (1295), renowned for their perfect acoustics and extraordinary stage visibility, allow for a perfect mixture of classic and contemporary, of past, present and future. / NL - FR - EN
  • Cultuurcentrum Brugge / The Cultuurcentrum Brugge is a collective name for seven cultural locations. The Cultuurcentrum spares no effort to offer a varied programme with stage arts ranging from theatre, comedy, modern danse, classical concerts, rock, chanson, world music, musical theatre to other interdisciplinary projects. / NL - FR - DE - EN
  • Brugge Plus vzw / Brugge Plus is a dynamic non-profit organization that was built on the foundations laid by Bruges 2002. Brugge Plus helps outline Bruges' cultural policy and organizes cultural events. / NL
  • Cactus Muziekcentrum vzw / Music centre and non-profit organization Cactus is active in the field of contemporary, non classical music as a concert club, music education centre and festival organizer. / NL
  • De Werf / Arts centre De Werf specializes in contemporary theatre, children's theatre and jazz music. In the field of jazz, the arts centre is one of the most important organizers of concerts by national and international musicians. / NL