It was an organized tour conducted in July 2013. 


The entrance to Portugal is a bit gloomy halls with poor lighting and long queues for passport control (on the way back everything was very modern and nice). 

 The country is full with beautiful sights – seashores, mountains, rocks, beautiful cities and villages, palaces, forts, castles, cathedrals and much more.

Tourist hospitality - It seems that the Portuguese people are aware of the importance of treating the tourists well. People were very nice and polite. In most places,  toilets are free of charge (something that became rare all over Europe).

 Tourism sights were well organized and preserved, staff at the various places was polite and efficient. 

 Food - prices at restaurants were reasonable and the food was good and tasty. local dishes  – sardine, Portuguese steak and more are good and tasty. The local beer and wine were very good and coffee was excellent. 

Shopping – there is a huge selection of shoes and clothes with reasonable prices, there were many sales in the shops. 

Transportation – roads and bridges were in excellent condition, direction signs are all over clear and efficient.

 Guide – The tour guide was Mr. Guiora Barak . Mr. Barak investigated the history of the Jews of Portugal and wrote a book about Dona Garcia Nasi (google it!). Organized tour should be considered - there is so much to see, with and organized tour you're more likely to get the most of it.

 Bottom line – go to Portugal, you'll love it.