Just want a snack ?

Lagos has no shortage of first-class restaurants.However what are in short supply in the town are places where you can just have a drink and a snack on those evenings when you've overdone the eating the night before.

Casa Rosa.  Huge meals for under 5 euros, very cheap drinks, free internet and good times. Open all year  and also does a Sunday Lunch for 3.95 now closed

Cafe Odeon who must do the cheapest breakfast in town - only 3 Euro. It's a bit small so it gets crowded, but if you go early before 11 or later after 2 it's ok. It's closed Monday and  Tuesday, and they cook until 9pm.

Cafe Imperio in candios Reis serve cheap snacks and pizzaa till 2am

New place attracts backpackers as it below a hostel. One Fat Monkey reasonable prices and a plate full of food American diner style. now closed

The "Star Bar" has a daily special with a beer for 5 euro,  draft beer or wine for 1 Euro, large draft 1,50 euro. Karaoke night, live entertainment. A little hidden, but just a few steps from one of the main downtown plazas. You can find it easily with this
1 minute video - Star Bar Updated Aug 30, 2013


.....and a little further out of town....

A little further away from the town centre, Cafe Lacobrica is situated near to the filling station on the Avenida ( in a street that runs parallel to the Avenida)and serves basic snacks in more of a cafe than a bar environment.Prices are reasonable and the staff friendly and attentive.

Luis' Bar, opposite the entrance to the Hotel Tivoli,serves bar snacks in a sports bar environment.Again, prices are reasonable and the snacks are prepared in the restaurant next door which is under the same ownership.This bar seems to be popular with the golfing fraternity from the hotel.

It is most likely that you will find your own favourite eating establishments from the vast choice available in Lagos, but, for those nights when you just can't face a full meal, these places will be just perfect and will be a great help with your holiday budget too !!