The Estoril Coast is a great place to get in some sunbathing or swimming. The beaches, though slightly cooler than the Mediterranean ones along Cote d’Azur, still lie in protected waters and remain fairly warm. Carcavelos is probably one of the most popular beaches in Estoril, especially with surfers, as it is a long, wide beach with fine white sand. Right in front of the Casino Estoril, you will find the Tamariz beach, which is a hot tourist destination due to its proximity to many resort hotels. There are beaches lying a little further out of the town as well; the Cascais shores are dotted with small, picturesque towns with more secluded beaches. Guincho, a few miles away at the foot of the Sintra hills, is an Atlantic beach with scenic sand dunes, pine trees and inlet coves.

One prime sporting event that draws a lot of spectators every year is the Estoril Open in early May, a clay court tournament among some of the world’s finest players. Visitors may watch the qualifying rounds for free, and access to the site (without access to the courts) is cheap or free. Access to the central courts is modestly priced, with prices rising from about 15 to 30 euro per day throughout the course of the week as the tournament progresses.