When travelers express concern for their own safety in traveling to a new location, it is usually because they are worried that they may become the victim of either a violent or a non-violent (petty theft) crime.  This is something which Fatima visitors do not need to worry excessively about.  Although some petty theft crime does occur in the area, particularly during the busiest of seasons, it is rare and should be preventable through the use of standard travel precautions.

Instead, travelers may wish to think about their motivations for heading to the area and the safety concerns associated with that.   Most specifically, many people travel to the area on the thirteenth of May or the thirteenth of October (see http://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g18... for more information about this practice) and those travelers are frequently coming to the area for the purpose of atoning for their sins.   Many of those travelers enter the area by crawling on their knees to the local shrine.   There are numerous safety concerns associated with this, from the risk of heat exhaustion to the physical damage it can do to the body.   Travelers should be aware of such risks before proceeding with the trip.   At the very least, they should make family members aware of their intentions before their trip.