Although it spells Obidos the locals actually pronounce Obeesh. This will save you and the locals from any confusion when ask for directions especially with the older folks whose English are limited.

When staying at a holiday home in a little village just outside of Obidos this is always worth a visit.  It is great to eat out in Obidos.  The Pousada views are stunning,  During the day you can walk the perimeter walls & look at the beautiful views or sit outside one of the many cafes & sample the local snacks such as Pastiche de Baccalau.  There is even an internet cafe which is free to use.  One of the best things is that you will not find an English breakfast.  This is Portugal.  Within a few minutes drive you can be at one of the surfing beaches or visiting one of the many vineyards.  At night all the little restaurants come to life & there are so many to choose from & recommend that one wouldn't know where to start.  A lovely thing to do is to walk through the entrance walls & wander along sightseeing & window shopping until you feel like stopping for dinner then just choose a rstaurant nearby.  Even when Obidos is busy it is restful.  They have many festival parades & it is also famous for it's chocolate festival, which has huge sculptures made of chocolate. 

Obidos Street

The Shops

Obidos Castle