The history of the Madeira Islands is one which mingles factual tales of exploration and bloody days of African slavery with romantic myths of lost lovers and island life.  (See for more information about this history.)  This interesting combination of fact and fiction in the area, combined with the influence of modern industry and tourism, has created a culture which is unique to the area.

The Madeira Islands are linked with the Portuguese culture, which in turn is linked to the historical Spanish culture but which diverges from it significantly.  (Learn more about Portugal at  The Madeira Islands are also close enough both geographically and historically to West Africa that the culture of the area has been greatly influenced by African tribal cultures over time.

Furthermore, the area is an archipelago of islands, and it is known that island culture is unique from the culture of areas which are surrounded by land.  It is a culture which tends to be friendlier to the environment than many mainland cultures and to have a unique relationship with nature because of its direct impact upon the livelihood of the people of the area. 

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