Ermou Street is the major commercial road of Athens, found right in the centre of the city. A wide variety of shops and cafes make it a must while visiting the city. The paved road makes it easy for strolling along the shops on both sides of the road, which links 3 major 'plateies' (squares) and 3 main metro stations.

Around 1.5 km long it starts from Syntagma Square (meaning Constitution), where the parliament is found, engulfs the very old Kapnikarea Church, passes Monastiraki Square from where you can walk up to the old city  Plaka, continues on to Thiseio, where the Big Archaelogical Walk begins and ends by meeting Peiraios Street, a major road that connects Athens with the city port of Peiraieus.

A big journey down a beautiful road with many changes in scenery. History, Shopping, Athens. If you need to look into what shops can be found, visit