Delphi is unique in that it’s just as busy in the summer months as winter months. Tourists flock to Delphi in the summer to take in the many historic and ancient sites, while in the winter months, ski resorts take over and the area is almost as busy with visitors as in the summer.

Perhaps the best time to visit Delphi is in the springtime, when you can see both wildflowers and snow on Parnassos. Temperatures are generally mild and you can enjoy the area in fairly unspoiled territory – summer is the high season here, so there won’t be tons of tourists about.

Summertime can bring both rain and heat. Because you do a lot of walking here, be sure to bring a good jacket with a hood for possible rainy days and a pair of shoes that have good tread. The many stairs and stone steps in Delphi can get quite slippery when it’s raining. Also pack a good hat and sunscreen – when the sun comes out in the summer, it’s a hot, unrelenting sun and you’ll need some coverage.

If you are visiting in the winter months, bundle up. (Biggest ski resort being only a 30min drive from delphi, so it does snow) It does get cold here, but again, this isn’t the high season, so you can enjoy all your favorite winter activities while taking in this ancient site.