However you arrive in Delphi, there’s one best way to get around, and that’s by foot.

Most of the sites in Delphi are easily reachable by foot and are close enough together that you can hike from one to the other easily. The town itself is small enough to walk within a day, so a car is unnecessary, should you happen to arrive by the (popular) bus. If you do drive, park your car at your hotel and leave it there, or park it near where you plan to walk and just leave it.

Not only do visitors say that the village is best walked and can be easily traversed on foot, but Delph is so high in the mountains and provides such spectacular views, you will be shortchanging yourself if you don’t get out of the car and enjoy the views. Enjoying such views gives you a real sense of how important and dynamic this site was to ancient Greeks.

If you want at least a small ride when visiting Delphi, there is a free trolley that operates here. It won’t take you to all the sites, but usually close enough that you can then get out and walk from the trolley stop. Many visitors find this a nice breather from all the walking and a nice way to meet some locals and get some interesting travel tips.