1 At the bottom

Down at the start there is a nice pond/lake where you can feed the fish (enormeous), swans and tutles.
You can also eat there, good greek food.


2 The hike

The hike is yust a route to the top (agios joanis - image) 
In the beginning it is not very nice, but once you advance above the inhabited section it gets nicer and nicer.
The greek nature is very dry, but on top of the mounain it is very green, with all the humidity there (IMAGE)

There were some other hikers who did not "find" the top (they returned too soon).
Dont give  up untill you have seen the chapel, follow the water (or water bedding) up hill, untill you found the little chapel in the amazing green field.

you can not do this with childrens wagons, you better take a good pair of walking shoes. Dont forget to take a little water, just in case. 

The field on top 

The chapel 

pick nick abilities

a nice tree