Paros is known as a summer destination but in fact it has more to offer than just sun and sea. Although it is a tourist destination it has on going community life all year around. Off season travelers who visit the island enjoy connecting to the rhythm and life style typical of the Cyclades, a life style that has not changed much for thousands of years. This rhythm is connected directly to the rhythm of nature, each season a bit different.  

For artists Paros is paradise. Its open clean space and abundance of light make each season inspiring in a different way that enhances creative expression.  

Indeed there is a lively international art community on the island and 2 art schools that host foreign students.  Also available are some short term art courses given by artists from all over the world that made Paros their home. 

The beauty of nature and the special peaceful quality of the island are a perfect setting for personal healing and mind & body activities such as Meditation, Yoga, Chi Kung, music, dance and movement.