Visitors often enjoy spending a portion of their vacations shopping.  Shopping is an excellent method of meeting and mingling with the local business people who work in an area, learning more about the culture and the history of the land and simultaneously gathering new belongings to commemorate the trip.  Even if you are visiting other destinations in Greece you might actually want to finish with your shopping in Santorini, as the prices are lower and the quality higher for most items than in most other parts of Greece.

There are a number of places in Santorini where shopping can be enjoyed at a moderate price and very high quality.  The most popular of these places is in Ia, on the main street.  This is an area where tourists are able to pick up a wide range of belongings, from souvenirs to specialty items only made locally. Jewelry is the most popular item with numerous shops offering the biggest diversity in gold or silver. There is no other place in the world where you can find such a variety in so small a space. Jewelry is one item which many tourists like to purchase in Santorini.  Prices are generally moderate and there are pieces available which are difficult to come by in other parts of the world.  A bit of bargaining is always worthwhile. You are also advised to follow your taste and judgement and not the recommendations of receptionists, tour guides or anybody else who wants to make a profit from your shopping.

Greece has 9,000 years of art in gold but since the E.E..C participation, huge quantites of marchandises from Asiatic countries are mixed with the local production, so be careful.  What looks Greek is not nescessarily Greek made.

The absence of a Jewellery Association the latest 10 years on this island is limiting the possibilites of quality control by the local authorities, so be reasonable in choosing only legal and certified shopping to sustain your own satisfaction and the market reputation.

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