Depending on your destination there are many ways to get around Rhodes. Bus service is available to a large part of the island and this is a cheap, and still pleasant way, to experience the journey. Modern local buses regularly depart from the City of Rhodes to Rodini and Agios Stefanos Hill. There are also suburban buses daily too, and these travel to many of the island’s most popular destinations. Be sure to confirm schedules and return times.

If you need to get somewhere that buses don’t go to, or need to travel after midnight, then taxis are the best alternative. They’re actually much cheaper than in most other European countries, and will allow you to get back to your hotel late at night. Cab stations are available throughout Rhodes City and at other destinations throughout the island.

Another way to travel, especially if you need to go up or down the coasts, is to take a boat ride. Many small fishing boats are available for hire, and these connect the ports of Mandraki with Lindos and Kallithea.