As with its rich history, the island of Rhodes is rich with shopping! The Ministry of Culture Museum’s Reproduction Shop on Ipitou Street in the New City of Rhodes offers fine reproductions of ancient statues, friezes, tiles and vases. Of course you can still find antique carpets, furniture and porcelain in the shops near the Palace of the Knights, as well as in the smaller villages throughout Rhodes.

There are many shops for modern clothing and shoes through the New City of Rhodes, while the stone-paved alleys of the old Medieval Town are where you can find classic and modern gold and silver jewelry.

Beautiful hand-woven carpets can be purchased at some of the island’s varied monasteries, as well as in some shops in the capital. The villages of Lindos, Afandou and Archangelos also are a good source for carpets, local lace and other embroideries. For some fine leather goods, imported from Turkey and Northern Greece venture to Socrates Street (Odos Socratous) in Rhodes City.

Foodstuffs, including wines and the unique local honey, which is produced in the villages of Siana and Vathi, are available throughout the island and shouldn’t be missed.