The best town for enjoying the festivals of Lesbos is widely considered to be Kalloni (see for more information about this and other towns on the island).  The majority of these festivals take place during the summer, with July being the month of most frequent activity.  For example, many visitors come to the area at that time of year to experience the Sardine Festival.  The hallmark of this unique event is the opportunity for travelers to savor the taste of grilled sardines combined with the flavor of ouzo.  However, this festival also includes live music and performing arts.

Ouzo may be the favored drink of Lesbos, but wine is also greatly enjoyed in the area, and it is celebrated with a summer wine festival which is located in the much smaller town of Anemotia.  At approximately the same time as that festival, the town of Kalloni comes to life with the Saint Trinity festival.  This includes not only drinking and food but also the highlight of live horse racing.

Kalloni may be the town where a majority of Lesbos events take place, but it is Eressos which draws in the biggest annual crowd.   This is because the annual Women’s Festival ( ) which takes place there each year is an important part of the culture and history of the area.