I felt that Samos was a very relaxed island. Very unspoiled by tourism - which is a great attraction for me. When I go on vacation I go for the culture, to meet the people that live there every day even when the tourism season is over. I go to meet the locals and that's what you get to do on Samos. I think that is one of the truly special things that gives Samos it's flair...it's not full of tourists.

Samos has some of the friendliest people I have ever met in my lifetime...they are people I will never forget, people that I wish I could go back and see every year :-) Even those locals that spoke no English would greet you in their own language as you walked by...they didn't care that you couldn't correspond back to them...if you just wove at them they would smile and wave back.

 The service in every restuarant that we ate at was terrific - again very friendly people. Gregory's Bar and Neptune in Pythagorion were two of my favorite places to go every day.

 I loved the relaxed feeling of Samos - during a very stressful point in my life it allowed me to slow down my pace a little to take the time to just enjoy life, even if just for a week.

 From Samos you can also take day trips to both Patmos and Kusadasi, Turkey. Once you arrive in Kusadasi by ferry you can also take an excursion to Ephesus - one of the oldest excavated cities in the world - it's truly amazing!