While there are plenty of activities going on in Samos all the time, the main mode of celebration in the area is feasting.  Annual feasts take place all throughout the year, honoring everyone from the lowly collective of local fishermen to the highest gods of Ancient Greece.  Travelers will find that, though feasts certainly include much food consumption, they are not just about sitting down to a brief dinner.  Instead, they are day-long and even multi-day long celebrations which include music, dancing, parades and entertainment.

The best month to head to Samos in terms of experiencing the feasts there is August. August 15th is the big date, when nearly all of the different parts of Samos come together to celebrate the Feast of the Virgin Mary.  However, there are other feasts throughout the area on other August dates.  On the 6th of that month, travelers can head to Agios Konstantinos to celebrate the Feast of the Christ’s Transfiguration.  That same day is the date honoring the important Battle of Mikali in Pithagorio.  Travelers there on the 6th who do not wish to do either of those events can go to Potami for the Feast of Metamorphosis.  If they aren’t too tired, they can then trek to Vouliotes for the Feast of Panagia Vrondiani which takes place over the following two days.

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