On a budget and a bit peckish? Thassos Town has a number of alternatives. The Giro Pitta shops are everywhere serving hot meat from the spit wrapped in a giro pitta with a range of sauces. Look for the ones that dont use chips as a filler with the meat. Tasty and cheap at around €2.00 to €2.50. Another alternative is the bougatsa shop selling minced meat, cream and cheese pies, again cheap and filling.

In the restaurants you are looking at around €7.00 for a main course of grilled meat or fish. Good value local restaurants includeThassian, Pigis, Mouses and Doukas. Some of the bars do snacks which can work out a little cheaper than the restaurants. Rumours, Spiros and Platanos are all worth a visit.

Budget accommodation is fairly scarce and virtually non existent in high season. Expect to pay around €50 per night for a self catering apartment. At the budget end of the market try the Laios, Christa or  Acropolis. Mid range consider the Roxani, Dolphins or Nisteri Beach. In the €100 plus market you have the Nikoleta, Lido and Makyramos hotel/apartments.

 As with a lot of the islands if you venture out of the capital prices do become more suitable for budget travellers. There is a campsite at Prinos and also some smaller hotels/apartments.

Thassos is not one of the cheapest islands but it is quite possible to visit as a budget traveller.  The prices quoted are approximate and applied during the summer 2008 season.

Prices in 2009 were about the same as above.