If you are in Thassos you should take some time to visit the Giola – a natural stone pool carved by sea water in the rock face. The trip is quite interesting involving a short walk down the mountain towards sea level. It’s a breathtaking scene, worth the effort: an almost circular pool, approx 10 m wide and 3-4m deep in the middle that is just at sea level, water coming in with the waves. It’s a place for relaxation and peace of mind, far from any source of distraction. To get there you have to take the main road of the island: coming from south to east, pass Astris village towards east; as you leave Astris, on top of the hill, in a tight left curve there is a Hotel on the right; just 200-300m in front, on the right side there is a road (country road) and a sign to GIOLA. Follow down the road (400-500m) and when you reach the bottom there is another road to the left, going up (another 300m). At the end of this road you have to walk down the hill for 15 minutes following the signs (paint signs on the ground to Giola). It is definitively worth the effort. A little advice: going down can be a little tricky because you have to walk on stone, so it’s better to have some adequate shoes (not slippers) and also it could be difficult for little kids.     Giola