The history of ancient Olympia , Greece is in large part intertwined with the legends of Greek mythology and the history of the Olympic Games. 

            Ancient Olympia was known mainly for being the sanctuary of the Greek god Zeus, who was the god of both thunder and sky, and was the ruler of Mount Olympus . 

            The real (non- mythological) history of Olympia dates back thousands of years to 776 B.C., where before the modern games began, the Ancient Olympic Games were held there for thousands of years.  There are many theories to why the games tool place to begin with, but since the beginning, they were religiously held every four years.  In those days, the only competition started out as a foot race, in which all of the participants were nude.  In these early years, the Olympic Games were about more than just athletic competition.  Various artists, poets, and writers gathered in Olympia during this time to share their works with thousands of people.

            Over the past two hundred years, various groups of archeologists and historians have been busy excavating the ancient ruins of Olympia , trying to learn more about these times.  Thousands of tourists visit Olympia every year to get a feel of these mythological times.

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