Frederiksborg Castle Gardens

The castle is situated in the centre of Hilleroed on three islets in the castle lake surrounded by Frederiksborg Castle Gardens.

The gardens were established in 1720-1725 in the fashion of the time by the king's architect and garden artist Johan Krieger and existed for 40 years under three reigning kings, Frederik IV, Christian VI and Frederik V. Frederiksborg Castle gardens consists of one of Denmark's finest baroque gardens and a romantic landscaped garden where one can enjoy the view of Frederik II's small bath house, which is occasionally used by the royal family for  lunches.

Special noteworthy is the beautiful baroque gardens which is characterized by a central axis creating continuity between building, garden and the open land. Along the main axis a festive cascade was built with water canals and fountains. Symmetrically surrounding the cascade are avenues, bosquets and parterres sporting the royal monograms. The parterre was placed with box hedges in the exact manner as the king had seen in the Italian and French palace gardens.

As the garden fell out of style and was too expensive to maintain it was falling into decay in the years after Frederik IV. But finally in 1996 the gardens were recreated according to studies of the original gardens from 1725. As many as 65.000 box plants and 166 pyramid shaped yews have been planted in parterre, whilst 375 limes and 7000 hornbeam plants are used to create the avenues and bouquets. The cascade floor consists of half a kilometer of dressed granite stones.

During the summer the gardens form venue for several recurring concerts and other cultural events. From May through September ferries ply the castle lake.