Any trip to Copenhagen must include a trip to Nyhavn, the prettiest place to eat until your hearts content!. 

Nyhavn means 'New harbour'  directly translated and was dug over 300 years ago as a more convenient place closer to the city centre for the importers and exporters to sell their wares. Most of the buildings that you see down the street on the left hand side (looking from Kongens Nytorv) were once either warehouses or strip clubs. Nyhavn number 15 for example, was a warehouse for items coming from India, there is a small intricately designed elephant above the door to show this. Nyhavn 21 was a strip club, but is now a wonderful organic restaurant! Nyhavns history of sailors can still be seen due to the boats that line the canals sides, but Nyhavns image has now turned to a tourist trap, but one of the cooler ones at that. 

Nyhavn in the winter time is cosy and intimate. At Christmas time, market stalls line the canal selling Christmas gifts and tree decorations, the restaurant's flickering candlelights in the windows and the scent of food being cooked welcome you at each restaurants door way. In the summer time each restaurant opens up its own terrace restaurant, serving great food and beer to the masses that come to eat, see and be seen. The street gets packed with people on some hot days when drinkers sit on the edge of the canal facing the restaurants.

Food in Nyhavn can satisfy varied tastebuds, catering for everybody. For lunch, Nyhavn 15 is a very traditional Danish 'Smorrebrod' restaurant, or maybe try Nyhavn 23 for its Danish dishes like 'Stjerneskud' or 'Pariserbof' and international dishes like the big and juicy 'All American cheeseburger', or other resturants can feed you massive juicy salads, herring buffets or if you just want some fast food there are some wonderful little take away places down some of the side streets. For dinner, why not try some freshly caught lobster, or a steak cooked to just the way that you like it or if you heart desires, there is a very popular and well decorated Italian restaurant at number 31 serving great pastas.  The choices are endless!  A great website for a few of the restaurants is

So, sit back, enjoy the view of the canal and its boats, people watch and Velbekomme!