Shopping in Malmo can keep you busy for hours upon hours. Sweden boasts beautiful handmade crafts, stylish clothing from its own top designers, and of course great delicacies and food. 

To start your shopping journey, head to the main square Stortorget. Here you'll find a plethora of shops. The high street, with a lot of well known Scandinavian brands, runs from Stortorget, through Gustav Adolf's Square and all the way to the shopping centre at Triangeln train station. Head to the side streets to discover smaller and interesting speciality shops. For example, try the second hand shops around Davidshalls torg.

Another great area to shop in is Möllevangen which has a lot of boutiques representing cultures from around the globe. Also, look for good antiques, vintage clothing, or Swedish home decor at Sodra Forstadsgatan and Spangatan and Friisgatan and get ready for some deals. 

Swedish home decor and furniture is world renowned for its stylish functionality. Head to Engelbrektsgatan in the Gamla Väster area of town for a great selection of stylish stores.

Check out the local tourist page for good shoppingtips. 

If you plan on doing a lot of shopping, consider purchasing the Malmo card which can present discounts in many facets. When you are shopping in Malmo, most of all credit cards are always accepted.